The Project

MixPerceptions App is currently available for Download using ad-hoc distribution. If you have registered your device with the MixPerceptions team ( click here from your iOS device to download it.

The idea of the MixPerceptions project originated in 2013 in Barcelona when Jose, Aurelio, JP and Matylda, all from diverse backgrounds and with different skillsets, decided to join their efforts and create something together.

The result of the work of this multi-disciplinary team is an art installation where users can interact with artworks using their smartphones or tablets. This is achieved by means of an augmented reality application that reveals rich and dynamic visual and auditory elements creating an engaging multisensorial experience.

MixPerceptions brings paintings to life, provoking emotive feelings and reflection in the viewers, and ultimately fosters engagement of the audience.

MixPerceptions: Mixed Reality in a Painting Exhibition has been accepted for the ACM Multimedia 2013 Art Exhibition,which will take place at ‘Fostering Arts and Design’ on October 21-25th, in Barcelona.